Prestige Italia

Quality, reliability, and functionality form the pillars of Prestige Italia. This leading and innovative saddle brand manufactures all its high-quality saddles in Italy. Its craftsmanship, continuous search for top quality materials and technological improvements make Prestige saddles the best for the well-being of rider and horse.

Prestige considers each individual saddle as a piece of art and everything is made to measure. Prestige offers a broad range of saddles for all disciplines, showjumping, dressage, eventing, and endurance, as well as matching accessories. Innovation is at the heart and in the DNA of Prestige! Read more about Prestige Italia here!

Articles about Prestige Italia

De Prestige Italia zadelbomen & technieken

De Prestige Italia zadelbomen & technieken Verschillende zadelbomen en technologieën om elke ruiter en paard zich goed te laten voelen Prestige Italia staat synoniem voor innovatie: ze ontwikkelden totaal nieuwe boom, gemaakt van een synthetische vezel. Deze...