The Italian brand eQuick is always on the look-out for new and innovative products. Having gained many years of experience working at various large equestrian sports brands, Nicola Garbossa established eQuick.

eQuick offers a wide range of innovative boots, girths, and more. At eQuick, the wellbeing of the horse is always the number one priority and only the best materials and innovative ideas are used. Read more about eQuick here

Articles about eQuick

eVysor – Maximum comfort and protection for the eyes of your horse

eVysor: Maximaal comfort en bescherming oor het paardenoog Een nieuw tijdperk in oogbescherming voor je paard is aangebroken! De nieuwe eVysor bril voor paarden geeft maximale bescherming en comfort. Door het geavanceerde design en het gebruik van de beste materialen...